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    Creating Great Experiences


    • An insurance agent, mortgage originator, and real estate agent all walk into their local bar… Well actually, their local bar association… These three salespeople have an annual income that would make the average attorney blush. Further, none of these three professionals graduated with student loan debt. Seem plausible?

      Absolutely! The insurance, mortgage, and real estate industries are three

      very lucrative professions that don’t require advanced degrees. What they do require is a willingness to work hard in implementing this three-step formula for success:

      1.  Build long-term relationships;
      2.  Navigate complex transactions; and,
      3.  Continuously improve customer experience.

      These three industries are perhaps the best-kept secret in America in terms of career opportunities. To be sure, there are hundreds of thousands of folks in these industries who don’t make anywhere near a six-figure income.  However, all three of these industries have their fair share of producers who earn six-figures… many of whom graduated with zero or very little student loan debt.

      The best thing about it is that all three of these industries positively impact lives in gigantic ways… giving those of us lucky enough to serve the ability to experience a larger purpose and meaning for our lives. As I understand it, this is just the kind of thing that millennials value: make a great income while making a positive impact.

      Reach out to me if you know an aspiring young producer who may be interested in exploring any of these three industries. I’d be happy to have a conversation with him/her or make an introduction to someone in my network!