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    • Time magazine recently featured a book review about an author who refers to the “panini generation.” You’re apparently part of this group if you’re squished between duties to children on one hand and duties to parents on the other hand. Among other things, the author discusses, “being mom to a 19-year-old and a ‘helicopter child’ to two 90-year-olds whose safety she constantly worries about, all while coping with the indignities of aging herself.” Click here to view the article.

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      Speaking of aging, the Genworth Cost of Care Survey recently came out and indicated that the average annual cost of a private room in a nursing home has reached a whopping $102,204!  Not only is the “Panini Generation” being squeezed emotionally, it seems like they’re also being squeezed financially if mom and dad don’t have the financial means to afford the skyrocketing costs of aging and healthcare. Click here to view the survey, which includes an interactive chart to calculate the cost of care in your area.

      Contact me if you know anyone in the “Panini Generation” who may be interested in a complimentary review of their housing and cash-flow options!

      Source: CMPS Institute